Best Ice Fishing Reels -Review & Guide

Ice fishing is a popular activity during winter months. A lot of impressive fish species can be caught and the while process is infinitely enjoyable.

Among most other tools needed for fishing in such conditions, the reel commands a lot of respect. If you find yourself a bad reel then all your fishing will be in vain.

It is therefore important that before you make the trip to your favorite frozen lake that you first check to see the quality of your fishing reel and more than this, whether it is compatible with the fishing line.

This is intended to be a detailed look at the best fishing reels out there that are specifically meant for ice fishing. It should help in your decision making.

Best Ice Fishing Reels

Things to consider when buying the Best Ice Fishing Reels

When you are out looking for fishing reels it is usually important to consider that not every fishing reel is suited for ice fishing. There are a number of considerations which a buyer must look into. These include:


The weight of the best fishing reel adversely affects the quality of your whole fishing process. Reels can't be too light as then they won't be able to handle the actual job of feeling in fish.

And if they're made too heavy, then that also impacts on the ability of the angler to operate efficiently.

In addition, the different fishing conditions have an impact on the weight too. Ice fishing requires reels that are lightweight but not too lightweight as to be inefficient.


The cost is another major consideration. In addition to the fishing reel, there are other pieces of equipment a fishing person must have if his or her endeavor is to be successful.

Spending a lot of money on just a fishing reel is therefore not a good idea. And it also must be considered that there are fishing reels out there that are very expensive without being effective, just as there are others which are quite cheap but do excellent jobs.

Materials Used

The material used in making a fishing reel has a major impact on the performance of the reel.

And when it comes to ice fishing the reel should be made of especially durable material to be able to withstand the harsh cold conditions which will present themselves to the user of the reel. Always look for materials such as graphite or aluminum or quality plastic.

Easy Handling

Users will most likely be wearing gloves while ice fishing. This requires that the fishing reel be made in such a way that it is easily handled.

Normal fishing reels will give users a hard time because the length of yoke will not be sufficient. A user must take this into consideration before buying a fishing reel for ice fishing.

Recommended Best Fishing Reels For Ice Fishing

There are a great many products out there that cater to ice fishing. And they all have advantages and disadvantages.

It is imperative, therefore, to have enough information in all these products before going out to buy yourself a fishing reel. The five presented below offer the best value to a user wishing for this specific kind of fishing reel.

Eagle Claw In Line Ice Reel

Eagle Claw In Line Ice Reel

A solid and dependable fishing reel is this one that comes with a good body, suited for the rough handling that must inevitably come its way.

It also features excellent technology to make fishing on ice a breeze. It's features are:

Long Yoke

Has a long yoke for easy handling in the ice. A user will most likely be wearing gloves, and these can interfere with the handling of the reel causing inconvenience while fishing. With a long yoke this is not a problem at all. The user can therefore enjoy stress free fishing.

Graphite Body

The body is made of durable graphite, a material that is known for its roughness and lightness. Graphite is able to withstand all sorts of pressure without breaking or giving in. And it makes the fishing reel extremely light in comparison to other materials especially metallic materials which weigh more. The design is also excellent.

Smooth Drag

Drag is another important feature that any reel must have. What creates good drag is the presence of ball bearings that give the movement within the feel an Easy time and make fishing really easy.

Anti Reverse

This reel also features anti reverse which is an absolutely essential component that must be present in an ice fishing reel for the best fishing experience. Users will immensely appreciate such thoughtfulness

TICA SS500 Cetus Trout Fishing Series

TICA SS500 Cetus Trout Fishing Series

This is another quality reel that offers excellent service while cutting back on disadvantages so that your fishing experience is smooth.

It is easy to handle and is made to be able to withstand thee tough conditions that cold weather fishing is known for. It would be an excellent buy.


The most important thing about this reel is the fact that it is both a reel and a bait catcher. Such versatility makes it one of the best pieces of equipment to have while out on your fishing trip. If can be employed for a variety of purposes and will be able to do all of them impressively.

Narrow Profile

The profile of a reel translates directly to ease of handling. A reel that is to be used in ice fishing must be Easy to handle. This feel is teardrop shaped which enhances ease of handling while giving your hands rest from pressure.


The weight of this reel is another important advancement. Reels must weigh very little to be able to provide the best service to users. This reel is made from lightweight material which gives it great handling without stress on the hands.

​Excellent Gear Ratio

The gear ratio determines how easily the fishing reel is able to drag in a catch. It is important that the gear ratio be friendly for easy fishing. The gear ratio in this device offers excellent fishing value.

H.T. Enterprises Accucast Ultra-light Spinning Reel

H.T. Enterprises Accucast Ultra-light Spinning Reel

If you are looking for real value from a fishing reel then this is the best to go with. Offers fuss free fishing and come at remarkable cost.

It is highly recommended by both experienced and amateur fishermen. It is truly one of the best reels out there.

Elongated Yoke

Features an impressive elongates yoke that means it is easily handled and doesn't lead to tiring of the hands while fishing. This an advantage to more enjoyable fishing times and perhaps greater catches of fish.

Aluminum Body

To aid in the design, the body was made with the excellent lightweight aluminum. This metal provides excellent service by making the device easy to handle and safe to use. Also you won't have to worry about rust and decay.

Anti-Freeze Lubrication

Lubrication is a vital part of any fishing in icy conditions. The user will find that if the lubrication used is low quality it freezes during the process of catching fish leading to problems. The lubrication here is anti-freeze meaning it can survive the cold temperatures.

Smooth Drag

Feature four ball bearings for extra smooth drag. Smooth drag translates to easier time fishing leading to the catching of more fish more fish per unit time.

13 Fishing Teardrop Ice Reel

13 Fishing Teardrop Ice Reel

This is a premier device that comes backed by a company with great reputation.

It provides service for both ice fishing and other kinds of fishing but is especially convenient for ice fishing because of the qualities it has. It should be used for all ice fishing expeditions.

Light Weight And Compact

It is light in weight and also very compact to be able to be used effectively in extreme situations. Users will find this innovation an interesting one that will make their fishing times more productive. They should definitely go for it over others.


A good fishing reel must be well balanced to be able to provide good service. If a reel isn't balanced the result is that dragging in catches of fish will be harder. This reel is carefully designed so that the balance is kept and easy fishing is encouraged.

Nice Gear Ratio

The gear ratio determines whether the device can be used for fishing at deeper depths or shallower ones. It is important that a device have a good ratio so that it can be used for both deep fishing and shallow fishing.


Anti-reverse is also another important feature. A good ice fishing reel must be able to provide good anti reverse. This reel does not disappoint.

13 Fishing Interchangeable Black Betty Ice Reel

13 Fishing Interchangeable Black Betty Ice Reel

This is the very queen of fishing reels coming in with innovations that make it stand out from the rest and provide quality fishing all year round.

It is recommended for ice fishing for its features which include a number which should make the whole process easy to undertake.

Nylon Body

The body is made of nylon for easier handling but more importantly for the weight considerations. Nylon is a light material that is also durable leading to a lightweight spool that should and does last long. The spool is made of aluminum, providing even more durability.

Free Spool Release

There is a button that automatically engages spool release once it is pressed. This ensures that drag is totally removed at the touch of s button leading to much easier time fishing.

Good Gear Ratio

Gear ratio determines the usefulness of the fishing reel by making it able to handle different water depths. This reel is endowed with excellent ratio that should make all kinds of fishing easy to manage.

Retrieval Can Be Switched

Retrieval in this fishing reel is set at left hand. If can however be changed to right hand easily enough. This versatility is one of the main reasons why this fishing reel is one of a kind and one of the best.

The Final

Fishing on ice presents unique challenges that require special pieces if equipment to handle successfully.

A fishing person must be able to go through all the available models on offer and select the best choice. Any of these five will provide a user with really nice fishing options.


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