Pflueger 6940B President Spinning Reel Review

The Pflueger President Spinning Reel is the latest of its kind from its manufacturers, and it contains a lot of improvement on the earlier Pflueger. It comes in six different models and still had the ever reliable graphite body and the rotor as well. The gear ratio is a comfortable 5.2 to 1.

There are nine steel bearings though there is one model which has only seven bearings. It has a bail wire made of aluminum, this bail wire is longer than that of the Pflueger before it, and has the sure- click system.

In addition to the nine steel bearings, there is also one instant anti- reverse bearing and the option to turn anti- reverse on or off depending on preferences. The new Pflueger costs less when compared to its counterparts in the market but still offers very good results.

Pflueger 6940B President Spinning Reel

Stainless Steel In Major Components

The main shaft of the Pflueger 6940 B is made of stainless steel as well as other major components. This ensures that the reel cannot be affected by corrosion.

Also, the spool has anodized steel as its main component making it very durable and more able to withstand wear and tear.

9 Ball Bearings

While there may be some models of the new Pflueger that don’t come with the advertised 9 stainless steel bearings, these models are at most one or two. The rest of them have the full set of nine.

Steel bearings are important in a reel; they make its movement smoother. Smoother movement of the reel ensures that your whole fishing experience is smoother.

The reel will feel natural in your hands, and you won’t have to worry about subpar performance, they have you covered.

Smooth Reel and Drag

The Pflueger 6940B boasts an impressive multi-disc drag system is making the drag process a whole lot easier and smooth.

The washer is oiled, and it is a felt washer as well. The whole system is also made of stainless steel for added efficiency, performance and to ensure that it lasts long. There is also the audible signal that informs you when the bail is fully opened.

Anti- Reverse Feature

The anti- reverse feature is powered or made possible by the presence of an instant anti- reverse bearing. This additional feature offers options to the avid fisherman.

That there are nine stainless steel bearings, and then one other dedicated entirely to anti-reversing makes the 6940B a perfect contender for a perfect fishing reel. Even more impressive is that the anti- reverse feature can be turned on and off by the user.

Tough and Durable

This spinning reel has a sturdy design that makes it durable too. This feature improves your chances for successful fishing by ensuring that the retrieves are easy and convenient.

With this feature, you can expect to do your angling for longer hours without fearing of breakages or corrosion. The sturdiness allows you to catch even big and heavy fish.


  • Reduced Reel weight translating to easier fishing
  • Toughness and durability are a given due to the graphite body.
  • Comes in 5 different types, versatility is always key.
  • Provides notification in form of an audio signal when bail is fully opened
  • Main shaft and components are made of stainless steel, therefore, can’t be affected by corrosion.


  • Not all the five models come with nine steel bearings. Some have less.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What improvements does the 6940B have compared to the earlier Pflueger?

A: The new Pflueger has been made lighter. This makes for easier times while fishing. Also, the number of ball bearings in it is more as compared to earlier models.

Q: How can I be sure that this device will be durable and last long?

A: The new Pflueger boasts of stainless steel in all its major components and because stainless steel is corrosion resistant the reel will last and will not be affected by water.

The braid is also double anodizes which can only mean more durability.

Q: Is the spool in the new Pflueger braid ready?

A: The answer is yes. The Pflueger’s spool comes already equipped to allow the braid to be tied. No adjustments are needed.

Final Verdict

When it comes to reels, you can’t go wrong with a Pflueger. The 6940B is an improvement on all its earlier cousins and offers flawless fishing.

It is a sturdy companion that will not let you down however much you put it to work. To make matters better it comes in a range of five choices, each with slight tweaks and modifications to suit individual tastes.

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