Piscinfun Steel Feeling Spinning Reel Review

If you need a reel that can serve you well, then Piscinfun Steel Feeling Spinning reel is your companion to be. It is of sleek design and high-performance capabilities. Just as its name suggests, it is made of a metal body coupled with an aluminium alloy cover for longevity.

Out of curiosity wanted to know what’s the engineering behind this cute looking baby, got my tool box and set for the adventure and I was impressed.

The reel performance is excellent even to bigger fishes. It is durable as it is made from Aluminium and stainless steel for strength and resistance to rust and corrosion.

Elegance And Comfort

Appearance is key at first sight, It gives a sense of attraction before we look for other features and the people behind the make just got it right, I can say It is of beauty with a purpose. You can spot its elegance in just a glance. The Alloy aluminium Cover and Stainless steel bones give it an outstanding appearance.

Just like buying an automobile after the looks you will get in the car to test its comfort, I match it to Ford Mustang. It is comfortable in using (I mean the reel, not the car), it comes with a spare handle with flat knobs.


As I mentioned earlier, the reel skeleton comprises of the various material that adds beauty, make it durable and gives it strength.

Aluminium alloy reel cover and foot provide durability. The stainless steel on the main shaft and 2-pieces Precision Stainless Steel B/B on both sides of slider prevent corrosion. Piscinfun Steel Feeling Spinning Reel review


If hitting the gym is a big deal to you then you need equipment that gives you an easy time with less effort. The reel has Stainless steel handle to make power transition more productive. It also has a precision-cut solid brass pinion gear that facilitates maximum winding power.

Double Bearing Supported Pinion Gear prevents torsional twisting and shaft misalignment that robs power and causes shuddering below heavy loads. You don’t wish going back home with an excuse that your trophy escaped from the trap.

Gear Mechanism

The gears play a big role after a catch, with good efficient gear system then you have nothing to lose. Well, Piscifun Steel Feeling Spinning Fishing Reel provides just that, it has 415-C alloy drive and Oscillation Gear that provides strength to fight tougher and those stubborn fish.

Smooth Performance

The reel has steel brackets to support its power. Uses a C13-bearing system, 12 stainless steel bearings, in addition to that there is one roller bearing for protection. This ensures consistency and smoothness in performance. The battle with the fish is more enjoyable.

The rotor is well balanced, and when you stop cranking the handle, the rotor stops immediately without wiggling.

Carbon spherical Drag System provides smooth, consistent drag pressure across the entire drag change.

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  • Has Smooth and consistent drag pressure throughout the whole drag change
  • Strong enough to handle tougher and stubborn fish.
  • Precision cut Solid Brass Pinion guarantees maximum winding power.
  • Made up of High-quality materials such as carbon Fibre drag material, aluminium, and stainless steel.
  • Has double bearing supported pinion gear


  • I don’t see so far anything of concern about it, but someone might complain about its size well for me it works just well, and I find it to be my choice of size.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can a Braid be tied directly to the Spool?

A: Yes, It has CNC Machined Aluminium Braid ready Spool that allows braid to be tied directly to the spool without a slip.

Q: Is this a durable fishing reel that will last for many years?

A:  Well from its engineering I have no doubt about its durability and maintenance.

Q:  I’m looking for a fishing reel that I can use for saltwater fishing. Is this a recommendable model?

 A: I bought this fishing reel for saltwater fishing, and it does an excellent job. I have used it for many years, and it doesn’t corrode. It is a good reel.

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Final Verdict

From my point of view, compared to other reels, this one is underpriced, that works as an advantage for us consumers.

So if you are thinking of getting one today and you wondering where to place your money but you have doubts of future disappointments, well choose Piscifun Steel Feeling Spinning Fishing Reel and you will thank me one day.


David Echols is the Editor of profishable.com. Who is a Fishing enthusiast and love to share what he know about this field. In Personal life he is a father of two cute kids and loving husband of a beautiful wife. He love foods and nothing is more important than reading book in his spare time.

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